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A phrase used by Mumbles.
Could possibly be a greeting or an expression of agreement or surprise.
Mumbles: " Bartle doo"

Anonymous person: "Bartle doo?"

Mumbles: "Bartle doo!"
by Erroneousapostrophe August 25, 2008
A Youtuber with multiple personalities
"Did you see Edbassmaster's new video?"

"Yeah, she's so funny"

by Erroneousapostrophe August 25, 2008
A German male with a sausage obsession
"What's on the menu?"
"Nothing but sausages, Megatwingo wrote it"
by Erroneousapostrophe May 29, 2007
Pissmud is a soft slippery aggregate of trodden soil, grass and urine. Usually found around over flowing Porta-loos or chemical toilets at outdoor events such as music festivals.
"Dave slipped up by the porta-loo just as Metallica were coming on stage"

"Now he's got to watch the show covered in Pissmud"
by erroneousapostrophe September 19, 2007
The misnomer of CaptainSensible. Someone proficient in bullshit
I can't believe what the OP posted, I'm gonna respond to the bullshit.

Don't bother, it's CraptainSensible
by erroneousapostrophe September 04, 2007
Excessive punctuation by illiterate fools.
The sign in the café said, 'Chips and Pea's'.
The plural 'peas' would have been sufficient, the sign has an erroneousapostrophe.
by erroneousapostrophe September 04, 2007
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