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jamaican for rum poured into a Red Stripe beer.
Yo mon, how about a steel bottom mon? Don't drink it in the sun or it will turn you upside down!
#rum in a redstripe #kamikaze #steel beer #kingston pride #five
by eric1337 April 14, 2008
When an anal enthusiast waxes his or her asshole hairs with pomeade in order to have a pencil thin butt hair mustache. One must remove all butt boogers before applying so it glimmers in the light and your lover can truly appreciate the pencilton-buttstache.
I was humping my bitches brown eye and her pencilton-buttstache kept stabbing my balls! I would have to admit though... it was an impressive pencilton-buttstache!
#buttstache #pencilton mustache #jimmy buffet #anal hair #dinglehair
by eric1337 April 24, 2008
A term used in place of basically any verb or any noun that adds quality and humor to any phrase or sentance. You can johnboyinget to just about anything!
Did you get your johnboyinget today? No, but I johnboyingeted to work to find a shit load of johnboyinget on my desk. I told my boss to try johnboyingetting this shit himself sometime, and I got my ass johnboyingeted...
#car #went #work #fired #canned
by eric1337 April 24, 2008
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