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4 definitions by eps

Viagra, or any other general male erection pill. General use for younger males to bone all night.
I need some blue diamonds for an evening she won't forget.
by EPS February 24, 2005
When a man is completely blinded by a woman's breasts and does not notice anything else going on around him.
Friend 1: "Dude, Tony is suffering from stripper syndrome with that chick."
Friend 2: "Yeah, he isn't seeing anything else she is doing"
by EPS January 19, 2007
When a man or woman feels without a shadow of a doubt and only circumstantial evidence that they could have sexual relations with another person. Often referred to as Slam Dunk or "Tenant Thinking" former CIA Director.
Friend 1: Did you see the way that waitress reacts to me, she wants to bang me!

Friend 2: Dude, she brought you a coke that is some W THINKING.
by EPS August 04, 2005
A male who would gladly cut off his own penis or walk into a gas chamber if a feminazi asked him to. See Steve Jones
"I think all men should be killed" - Steve Jones
by eps August 25, 2003