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Used to be pretty hot, in my opinion, before she dyed her hair disgustingly blonde and became another Paris Hilton.

At the rate she's going, she's going to be posing topless soon.
Lindsay Lohan has had a boob job, no matter how much she denies it.
by eon June 11, 2005
A verb, noun and adjective usable in past, current and future tense. Usually used to express anger, frustration, hilarity or violence. Also occasionally a persons name. Not so different to the word "fuck" in it's many uses. The term is commonly used numerous times in the one phrase, where it may represent many different things or actions
1. "Borrrisss!!!!"

2. "Boris Borised it!"

3. "Where's Boris?" "Boris went full Boris." "What? Boris Borised it?" "Yep Boris Borised it and went full Boris." "BORRRISSS!!"

4. "I wish these fucking lights would change." "Borrrisss!"
by EoN October 09, 2012
Jar0x is a l337 hax0r who can pwn j00.
Wow, my server was fucking rooted! It twas teh jar0x of course! That jar0x!
by eon March 18, 2003
Singular or plural reference to cigarettes.
"Give us a snout."
"I need to get some snout."
by eon January 09, 2003

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