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1. Piece of Shit
2. Parent Over Shoulder
3. Positively Outstanding Service
do I really have to put in an example?
by Enterthedavid June 20, 2005
Quite Simply a masterpiece of randomness
yay calvin and hobbes!
by enterthedavid March 03, 2005
Something that stupid people say after doing something stupid.
"Im cool, Im cool," Jeff said after falling into a snowbank.
by enterthedavid March 03, 2005
NFL Europe is an offbranch of the NFL, which is of course the National Football League. NFL Europe is a league of six teams in Europe (duh). Often, starting players who aren't picked in the NFL Draft will go to Europe for the NFL Europe Draft. Many coaches in NFL Europe are players from the NFL.

Rarely Known Fact: NFL Europe teams are usually in NFL football videogames. They are after all the usual NFL teams. You can play as them, its rather strange seeing players youve never even remotely heard of before.
Joe: Hey Todd, you watching the SuperBowl this Sunday?
Todd: The SuperBowl was last Sunday, sillypants!
Joe: No, the NFL Europe SuperBowl!
Todd: Oh.
by enterthedavid March 03, 2005
A word creation which combines the words "fake" and "Oakley". The latter being the outragously expensive sunglasses considered cool to own. Foakleys are most easily acquired in big city streets from panhandlers.
Bobby Ray: Hey Bobby Sue, I hear you're going to NYC, could you pick me up a pair of foakleys?
Bobby Sue: No way! Those things are like 2 buxx!
by Enterthedavid June 19, 2005
1. A very silly and random word used as a gentle repercussion or insult.
2. When used with certain explatives the word becomes stronger.
1. "Hey, sillypants, stop raiding the fridge!"
2. "Hey fucking sillypants, the door's over there, you're walking into a wall!"
by enterthedavid March 03, 2005
A funny word used in some cartoon which I cant remember.
Not so fast, poopypants!
by enterthedavid March 03, 2005
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