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To forcefully pass a large turd that causes some pain or discomfort on the way out.
I had to take a smash and it felt like I gave birth.
by Enigmanic May 09, 2009
To forcefully release a large turd, often splashing the toilet water on your anus or testicles.
I took a power dump and splashed my balls.
by Enigmanic May 09, 2009
A person of high intelligence who typically does not fit into popular social groups. Geeks tend to make friends with other social outcasts with similar hobbies and/or interests.
That geek is pretty smart, but he always gets teased by the preppies and jocks.
by Enigmanic May 10, 2009
1. A very large bowel movement, unusually large in length or girth, often posing a risk of clogging the toilet. Humorously referred to as a barrel from the Donkey Kong video game.

2. A bowel movement which seems too large to have been made by the person who dropped it.

He dropped a donkey kong barrel. I had to break it up with the toilet brush so I could flush it.
by Enigmanic February 06, 2009
A nonsensical word used to vaguely refer to something in an unflattering way, in place of the words shit or stuff.
Did you see his new car? That poopterd has no air conditioning.
by Enigmanic February 06, 2009
1. A woman who has very attractive breasts but whose other physical features are mediocre or unattractive.

2. A caucasian woman with large jiggly breasts, like a heavyset black woman.
That girl is mcniggertits. She has great tits, but she's fugly and she got no booty.
by Enigmanic February 06, 2009
To flatulate noisily, to expel a fart so loudly it can be heard in another room of the house; to fart loud enough to frighten small children.
He made an anal boom that caused my ears to pop.
by Enigmanic May 09, 2009
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