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a skater is someone who CAN skate,and dosnt just buy a shitey board,and then goes along for a little while and then gives up and says," i cant skate i give up". real skaters never give up on skating, a true skater duz listen to stuff like bob marley,and a personal favorite "misfits" they also wear what ever the hell they want.most of them seem to have long hair and baggy cloathes because thats what they think they should wear,they think that if they loook the part then when they walk down the street then people wil think that they can skate,BUT more than half of the time if you are wearing baggy stuff then you cannot skate. i as a true skater have been skating for 6 years and sure i started out wearing all the baggy shite but after a while i just stoped caring now i wear tight jeans and i try to avoid wearing black bacause its a lame color.plus i wear nike air force 1s for performance.and also most skaters are typicaly portaid as smokers and pot heads.but a true skater has no time for smoking and dope cos there busy skating.
skater: listening to cd player
pikey: goooooor lookatims bois ims is a skater lets frow rocks at is ed "get up muvaz pole"
skater: skates on past then flys them the bird....
by englandsucks April 13, 2004
sombody like me who duznt understand why evryone duznt just shut the hell up and enjoi life without going on at each other all the time
bloke 1. im gonna smack you up bitch
bloke 2. bring it on ass hole
start fighting
me. why dont you dooshbags just shut up and lay on the grass and breath deep...
by englandsucks May 30, 2004
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