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It can be defined.

1.) A plof is the act of farting when someone is sucking your dick.

2.) plof
Ex. - Normally I wouldn't let Angelina Jolie suck my dick. But I would if she were being fucked by Brad Pitt; but, I'd still plof her.
by enbediz April 01, 2010
1.) getting farted on while sucking someone's dick (even if it's fake or strap-on-ish)

der- folp is plof backwards....literally.
Ex. This guy took me out to a great dinner last night and when i went to repay him, orally, i got folped. I hate it when a guy think he can just fart on me while i am sucking his dick. I mean, I do have standards.
by enbediz April 02, 2010
1) when you get your dick (or strap-on) sucked after having it inside an ass-hole.

- the phallus usually takes on a turnip-y-ish hue after this act....eat it veggie-bitch
she is a vegetarian, so i offered that bitch a sturnip
by enbediz April 18, 2010
a person in the profession of selling high-end cigars. similar to and derived from Barista
1: i went to the cigar shop and had no idea what i wanted to get but the cigarista there really knew his stuff

Guy1- dude look at that girl behind the counter, the way she handles that cigar is making me think....
Guy2- DUDE, she's a cigarista. she's paid to handle cigars
by enbediz March 08, 2010
derived (stolen) from writer's block

1) when a person cannot think of a word to add to urban dictionary
i really want to be cool and add to urbandictionary.com, but i have worder's block....fuck
by enbediz April 18, 2010
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