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-A sexual innuendo
-Have sex with you
Carrie said to Tim in a seductive voice "Come to my house later and i'll bake you a cake" then winked.
#sex #cake #innuendo #intercourse #mating
by empresshearts April 22, 2008
Coke-a-cola which has sugar ie: not diet or zero.
Marilyn asked for a Jim beam and coke zero from the bar tender but after tasting it said "I'm not drinking that, it has full-blown coke in it."
#coke #diet #drink #sugar #cola
by empresshearts April 22, 2008
-Getting intoxicated (eg. alcohol, weed) straight after waking up, before 12pm.

-Getting intoxicated first thing in the morning after being intoxicated the night before.
Liz and Chris woke up at 9am to avoid a hangover Liz brought out a bottle of tequila and suggested morning smashings.
#intoxication #morning #alcohol #weed #smashed
by empresshearts April 22, 2008
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