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Messaging directed to Tea Party members by the Right Wing political Machine. Often these messages are misspelled, racist, ignorant, homophobic, and religious. They are targeted at white middle class people and tend to disguise their xenophobia by declaring war on the poor. Often times these slogans will cause people to vote against their own interests
here are some examples of Teaphonics:

"Save Grandma: End social security and pull the plug on that Kenyan Obama"

"We don't need affordable healthcare, that's socialism!"

"Students should only get all the education they can afford"
by elpachucomiguel July 06, 2012
Typically one that sells out once he/she achieves legal status in the U.S. Someone who got their green card or became a citizen and is no longer down to march on Cesar Chavez day or is too good to speak Spanish. They usually have nopales on their forehead.
Me: "Have you talked to Juan?"
Jose: "Not since he changed his name to John"
Me: "Oh, I had forgotten that ever since he became a legal resident he's become an INDIOCUMENTADO"
Jose: "Figures, he was always a sellout..."
me: "he still smells like chorizo..."
by elpachucomiguel April 22, 2013
Noun; Alternative name for an item that messes with you and you can't seem to quite put a name on it in English or Spanish.
"Juanito can you please stop using that got-damn Chingamajigger?"

"That Chingamajigger inside the vent keeps me awake at night"

"What's that Chingamajigger sticking out of your pocket? It looks ridi-Culous!"

thing unknown mexican language
by elpachucomiguel August 13, 2014

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