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A universal comeback to any witty remark someone makes at your expense. Do not worry about context, because it makes sense in ANY context... always.
From Scrubs:

JD: ...if you bring sarcasm my way, baby, prepare to be stung!

Elliot: J.D.--

J.D.: So's your face.

Elliot: That doesn't even make any sense.

J.D.: "So's your face" always makes sense.

Carla: J.D., that's stupid.

J.D.: So's your face! I'm on fire! Heyoooo!

JD leaves victorious.

Laster that day:

Elliot: Oh, what's the matter, J.D., freezer got your tongue?

J.D.: That doesn't even make any sense!

Elliot: So's your face!

J.D.'s Thoughts: Dammit! Walked into that one!
by Elias Creed April 26, 2007
1.) Generally used to ask for another beer.

2.) Can be substituted for the term "give me" (if you're a total dutchbag) ala The Office
"Mike, you're closest to the fridge, fucking beer me bro."

"Hey Jim, beer me that water"

"God beer me strength"
by Elias Creed April 27, 2007
Douchebags who also happen to be dirtier than an Amsterdam hooker getting off a 12 hour shift during the World Cup.
Look at that fucking dutchbag... not only is he drinking a wine cooler and sporting pink Izod with a popped collar while talking WAY too loud on a blue tooth headset, he also has a nasty looking sore on his lip.
by Elias Creed April 26, 2007
One who possesses the ability to clog someone's toilet to the point of OVERFLOW (not merely backup or slow flush) causing shitty water to cover the entire tile floor and parts of the adjacent hallway carpeting. This is not intentional, and happens despite multiple courtesy flushes throughout the act leading to the final shitmastering flush.
Dave: (Running out of the bathroom) Where's your mop bro?

Me: What? Why?

Dave: Your toilet's overflowing man. Shit is literally EVERYWHERE!

Me: You're the fucking shitmaster dude... mad props. Now go clean it up.
by Elias Creed April 27, 2007
1.) A high-school educated former copier or used car salesman who figured out that he could make money for doing very little by acting as a middleman between banks and even less educated customers (borrowers). He or she drives a Porche or BMW, but its leased just like his house. Borrowers will fight tooth and nail over their proposed 1% fee for 2 weeks to a month worth of effort, but have no problem paying their real estate agent 3% for a couple days of local driving and filling out boilerplate forms.

2.) Scapegoats for the major banks and Wall Street money men who actually create the loan programs costing people their homes that you see on TV.

You can find a LO at nearly any after-hour event that contains any two of the following: alcohol, sluts, cocaine, Las Vegas, suckers, bluetooth headsets, yachts, any aspect of society emphasizing appearance over substance.
Even though my local bank branch laughed at me when I asked them, my loan officer buddy Joe was able to get me into a new $800 grand house despite the fact that I have no job, no savings to use as a down payment, my FICO score is negative, I'm on several mandatory sex offender lists, and he knows I plan to cook meth in the garage. But Joe's a fucking douchebag because it turns out he made almost $500 dollars off me.
by Elias Creed April 26, 2007
A hypocritical republican who is pro-war despite lack of WMDs or eminent threat, and regardless of the fact that they claim to believe foreign intervention is wrong and the US should not be world police.
Joe used to support ethical standards for politicians, limited government, and fiscal responsibility; but ever since Bush got re-elected, he's become just another lockstep warpublican.
by Elias Creed April 26, 2007
Any mixture of beer and hard liquor. Includes otherwise individually named drinks like Irish Car Bomb.
Dumbass drunken Tim mixed some nasty beercohol out of the last of the tequilla and some corona. That shit got me fucked up... and then I puked.
by Elias Creed April 26, 2007
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