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Douchebags who also happen to be dirtier than an Amsterdam hooker getting off a 12 hour shift during the World Cup.
Look at that fucking dutchbag... not only is he drinking a wine cooler and sporting pink Izod with a popped collar while talking WAY too loud on a blue tooth headset, he also has a nasty looking sore on his lip.
by Elias Creed April 26, 2007
Typically refers to a male with loser qualities, typically trying too hard to be cool.
He was a complete dutchbag.
by snickerdoodle79 September 10, 2010
A variation on deutchbag, heretofore the foremost, slightly whimsical "slur" for people of Dutch heritage. Also called amsterdummies. What are they to be mocked for? Excellent canal construction? Legalizing many drugs and prostitution? No, these are Dutch gifts to mankind. Thus, they must be mocked for their innate dutchbaggery.
"Did you see him eating his fries with mayonaise and going 'Gurdy Gurdy Gurdy?'"
Yeah. Man, that Willem is such a dutchbag.
by Bananers May 18, 2007
a really cool way of saying douchebag
Look at Sally, damn she is such a dutchbag
by Wil February 22, 2005
Douche bags that work at coffee establishments. Usually they have frosted tips, or really short hair, they are large dudes made by cretin. Also always drive either large jacked up trucks, or small rice burners.
Ever since Tom got that job at Dutch Bros hes become a real dutchbag, all he cares about anymore is red bull, his car, and his sick tribal tats.
by dicksssasss April 05, 2016
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