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5 definitions by el clandestino

Word that means pimp in Turkish,

Pronounced as pozavak in Armenian too.
- hey that guy left without telling us anything
- whuy pezevenk!
by el clandestino January 27, 2009
means "god give your trouble" in turkish

frequently used after getting left by sweetheart, got cut off on traffic, or a soccer player misses the goal or forgets his rival's sprint that makes team concede a goal

it's also said while watching news every evening
- crash!!!
- allah belani versin!
by el clandestino February 06, 2009
means "pimp", "cuckold", "man who sells his wife" in turkish and arabic

also pronounced as kavat, qawat, gawad, kavad

it's quite delightful to say it harshly
- hey, serhan screwed everything up again
- gavat!
by el clandestino February 06, 2009
in turkish,

for men; means trickster, experienced, tricky, insecure

for women; slutty, loose, unfaithful, having little morals.
- gotta tell you, nazli has just found a new boyfriend
- well she's a heavy kashar, quite predictable move

- oha kizin dekoltelere bak!
- saglam kashardir o
by el clandestino February 06, 2009
a shaggy legged girl, according to robin scherbatsky (season3 episode3)
- i need a new treatment, i look like a turkish lesbian
by el clandestino February 20, 2009