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A peice of shit that hangs fromyour ass hairs
Oh i cant get that dingelberry from my ass
by ej April 21, 2003
A Bronx neighborhood that seems to be the rival of Riverdale. They are separated by Van Cortlandt Park.
At least Woodlawn people can admit they live in the Bronx...that's BRONX, New York 10470
by EJ April 18, 2005
Native to Polynesia, the noni plant (also known as Indian mulberry) is a small tree that usually grows to a height of ten feet. The fruit, which starts out green and turns yellow, is used medicinally.
I love to drink noni juice.
by EJ February 23, 2004
it means anything it also means cool
that stuff is jigado fo'sho
by ej August 27, 2004
To have stolen the ball in a basketball game.
"He has no handle, I ripped it from him five or six times."
by EJ November 10, 2003
1) a really stupid person.
2) The head of a turtle
He's a loggerhead this morning
by EJ March 04, 2005
Vallejo Con Artists
That punk was behind me and V.C.Aid my wallet!!!
by EJ March 11, 2003
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