12 definitions by ej

somone who is talkk and sexi and hav big body parts
wow look at the sexi jorjina
by ej October 29, 2003
i group or gang of 5-10 people usually killing anything in thier path.
example TEAM3D vs cal-o
by ej December 06, 2004
To wear gay symbols on clothing or jewelry, or to place gay symbols such as freedom rings, stickers, gay pride parade beads or bumbers stickers in/on your vehicle.

Rainbows Everywhere!!!
Have you seen Chris's car, she has it fagged-out.
by EJ February 23, 2004
So drunk that you can't do anything but lay down flat on your back with your arms spread out to your sides
Homie drunk too much and splayed right in the middle of the living room.
by Ej October 12, 2014
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