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A Filipino expression commonly used in the Visayan speaking Regions to express dis-agreement or not believing to someone or something.

A slang word for " sure??" or "are you sure?"
Girl 1: I feel so pretty in this pink dress, I'm sure i will be the talk of the town again.
Girl 2: Pag-chur oi

BOY: I love you babe your my only one.
Girl: PAg-chur oi
by efy March 27, 2010

combination of conceited and assuming!! Used to describe a person who is so fresh, arrogant and annoying person
Girl 1: How's your date yesterday girl?
Girl 2: I didn't have fun, i went home so early.
Girl 1: Why is that? Was the guy ugly or boring type?
Girl 2: No, actually he is so consumming. He acted like he owns the world.
by efy March 28, 2010

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