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2 definitions by eekcmnad

Tier 1: An individual you consider marriage material and is both physical and mentally attractive.

Tier 2: An individual who you date exclusively and is highly attractive, but you aren't sure or you don't believe you will settle down with this person.

Tier 3: An individual you would not seriously date exclusively date. This person is attractive but is most likely a booty call or a friend with benefits.

Tier 4: An individual you are not physically attracted to sexually, but you consider them a friend.

Tier 5: A lagoon creature who should never see the light of day.
Most of the girls I date are Tier 2 but they may be promoted to Tier 1 after I date them for a while. The Tier System helps classify how serious a relationship is.
by eekcmnad October 28, 2009
When you sext with class, dignity and style
I totally Favred this girl last night.
by eekcmnad January 25, 2011