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When a banana is wedged into a females anus, and then peeled and eaten by another female.
Bob: How was prom last nigh, Zeke?

Zeke: It was okay, there were a lot crazy people there...

Bob: I heard Samantha gave Mary a greasy banana.
by eeeeeaaaauuuuu April 03, 2011
When a monkey ejaculates on himself and then forgets to clean it up and the semen dries all over his body.
Monkey Trainer: Uhh-ohh, looks like we got another crusty monkey....
by eeeeeaaaauuuuu April 03, 2011
A muffler that has been used to pleasure a female more than once and then installed onto a vehicle.
I heard Ricky payed Jessica to fix him up a squeky muffler.
by eeeeeaaaauuuuu April 03, 2011
A low-fat dinner that's great for the whole family!

1 gallon of female nipple milk
2 cups of poop from a 14-16 year old
Three hairs from the ass of a 75+ year old
Semen from a female horse
Urine from a cow
A Greasy Banana (before step two)

Boil for approximately 3 days until sticky and/or golden brown.

Let cool for 7 seconds before serving.
Jimmy: "Mom, what are you making for dinner, I'm hungry..."

Mom: "Are you in the mood for a Polish Casserole?"

by eeeeeaaaauuuuu April 03, 2011
Self pollination occurs when a male distributes poop into a cup, then turns on a fan and, while facing the fan, empties the cup's contents onto the fan, spraying chopped poop all over the man.
Ricky was feeling very bored at his house, so he decided to try self pollination to satisfy his curiosity. He was very surprised with the results, so he decided to recommend this maneuver to his friend, Cody.
by eeeeeaaaauuuuu April 03, 2011
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