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An awesome anime with a lot of philosophy and discussion of morality. Vash is one of my heros.
Why do they teach Shakespeare in school instead of Trigun?
by Eddy August 02, 2004
one of the greatest video game companys to ever exist
Rareware gave us games such as Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie and Conker's Bad Fur Day
by Eddy October 21, 2003
A slut and a bitch
You're one real slitch
by Eddy April 26, 2004
Well known, but often refuted. Appears in the Bible.
by Eddy June 30, 2003
a handheld gaming system/cell phone destined for failure
by Eddy October 18, 2003
When you have such violent diahorreoa that you are basicly pissing out of your ass.
Damn, after that curry I had a huge asspiss.
After being in China for a few weeks, all the members of Panda room had had afew ass pisses.
Damn that asspiss is runny as shit!
by eddy April 07, 2005
The ignorant belief that race is important and worth discriminating based on.
The fact that noöne knows who the real aryans were should be enough proof that white racists don't know what they tallking about when they ramble on about the "aryan race".
by Eddy July 15, 2003
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