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the word of the decade. everyone's using it to insult anything that seems smarter or tries to seem smarter or better.

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all the people on urbandictionary are pretentious because they can't insult someone in person. they have to do it from the safety of their computer. pretentious pretentious pretentious pretentious
by Eazy-X May 29, 2008
I once had a guy do a drive by insult on me as i was walking my dogs. he called me a fagot ass piece of shit. i remembered his face and car. i ran into him accidentally when he was walking out of a store months later. i pissed into a bottle and splashed it all over the interior of his car. i also dumped salt and water into the gas tank of another different drive by insult. drive by insults are for passive aggressive trash who think they have the last laugh. I'm still laughing now, motherfucker..i did 10 times the damage to the assholes
drive by insults may be funny for the passive driver, but some people like myself have taken REAL ACTION for vengeance. they don't know when it's coming or how.

they only think they can get away. but i've made sure to remember their face, car and plate. VENGEANCE IS BEAUTIFUL
by eazy-X April 28, 2008
A small pouch made of plastic that holds peanuts, cashews, or any other for of nut made for eating.
I opened the nut sack to eat some almonds.
by eazy-x February 11, 2008
to push a strong thought without making oneself vulnerable. a personality that may be ranting strong beliefs behind people's back or safely on the internet to avoid retaliation from the fear of it. trying to push others with a strong defensive shield that shows weakness. ranting/preaching politics and religion without a strong sense of assertiveness. pushing beliefs without action and results.
some passive aggressive guy was writing nasty racist comments on the internet because he knew that if he did it face to face he would have gotten his fuckin face kicked in.
by eazy-x January 02, 2008
people who try too hard to act like they're not trying too hard. see psuedo-conformist. people who shop walmart and drink starbucks are real while people who like indie are trying too hard to be real.
i'm real because i shop at walmart.
by eazy-x February 19, 2008
these goddamn cocksuckin sons of bitches don't know
shit squat bout nuthin...!!!!
i ain't bout ta watch no damn art house film
filmed in hd in 4:3 aspect ratio...
full screen is for asshole lickin jackasses...
why can't all dvds come in 16:9 only?
makes me all pissy and shit when i accidentally get a movie in 4:3...
i may be pmsin like a lil bitch but
all the faggots who like their damn movies in 4:3 aspect ratio
can hit the zoom button on their dvd remote and it'll be full screen on their 4:3 tv...
the black bars on the top and bottom annoys the shit out of em...
4:3 ass lickin is a shame....cutting away the true composition of each shot...
all the blind motherfuckers will never get the feel for compositional design
the intention was meant....
maybe i'll never see....
have some class....take a bunch of film courses
please forward this message to any REAL AMERICAN
4:3 and i'll kick your ass
by Eazy-X April 04, 2008
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