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California Highway Patrol, or an old TV show with Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox riding on police motorcycles.
Hi, i'm Erik Estrada and I was on the TV show CHiPs
by eatsdoodoo May 04, 2004
1) a small dagger of Scottish origin
2) name of the main character in the video game "Dragon's Lair", short for "Dirk the Daring"
Dirk the Daring killed someone with a dirk.
by eatsdoodoo May 02, 2004
An alternate spelling of "comics", a short term for comic books. It was coined in the heyday of underground comics. It was an attempt to convey the true nature of comics as an art form (all comics, not just underground). The idea being the prefix "co-" meaning what is usually does and "mix" for a mix of illustration and written word, as opposed to the term "comics" which the general public viewed as something for children. (note: i'm just going by what I learned in a college course for comic book history)
comix is sequential art.
by eatsdoodoo May 04, 2004
a transformer, the black cassette that changed into a jaguar. Stored in Soundwave's tape deck chest. Not to be confused with the matrix, which was stored in the chest of some autobots.
ravage jumped out of soundwave's chest
by eatsdoodoo May 04, 2004
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