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Actor and rock star from Mars. Enjoys drugs, prostitutes, drugging prostitutes, and prostituting drugs.
Yeah, we gonna go to Vegas and Gnarlie Sheen it
by earcher5 February 28, 2011
A level of nastiness that surpasses all previous nastiness seen, experience, or heard of. Could also be used to describe a situation of unheralded precedence.
" Yo, you seen that cake farting video?"
" Yeah man, that shit was yuckymotherfucky"
by earcher5 March 16, 2011
The hippest cat on the block, has all the gear and knows all the music a cool three months before anyone else, but plays it off like it aint no thing.
Check out homeboy over there, trying real hard to make it look like he's not trying really hard, that cat's fresher than Freshy Freshenstein.
by earcher5 March 16, 2011
When you really got in going on, then you got it going on like Money Mark in a Money Truck
Yo, I ran into Ruben the other day, new job, new car, new suit, fine girl with him, he had it going on like Money Mark in a Money Truck!
by earcher5 March 16, 2011
The amount of time it takes you to get rid of the old style and get in with the new style, probably because your ass is broke.
Yeah, I know, but I'm gonna need a minute to shit it
by earcher5 March 16, 2011

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