31 definitions by eLLe

A girl who buys is very materialistic. Also known as a brand name girl.
Haley, look at Hilary, she's such a bng! She buys 60 dollar candles, it is literally burning money.
by Elle March 26, 2004
a boy boy with an overly big bubbly butt
Wow! bubbles has the biggest butt!
by Elle March 29, 2005
basically.....a person who is a complete and utter shit head!!!
wow..watta gobshite
by elle September 18, 2003
Big pubic hair, i.e. unshaven - big bush
Jesus, James has a big fro, I couldn't see the wood for the trees
by Elle July 17, 2003
Stupid Fucking Homework!!!
When those damn teachers give you busy work!!!
by Elle February 23, 2004
a lying bastard
a horrible person
by Elle August 18, 2003
Orange county california
OCC punx for life betch
by elle May 03, 2004

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