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The term used to describe a very sour tasting, unpleasurable experience had by a person entering the genital area of an 'unwashed' woman. Usually after days or weeks of neglect the clitoris begins to become sour and tart tasting to the human tounge. Any attemt to place this object in one's mouth usually end up in a state of YUKKK!
After 2 hours of sweet talking, Rodney needed to orally satisfy Marcie before getting his carrot wet. So, without prior viewing, he went straight downtown, only to find out she had a ghastly clit pickle waiting for him. By then it was too late
by e-rips September 26, 2003
A term used to describe a massively mangled colon. Deriving from the condition of the overused hole during male or femal anal intercourse. Sometimes getting so "battered" that said hole is left gaping and hanging.
Mary was saving herself for marriage, so the only way she could divulge in her lusty desires was to indulge in the anal intercourse. She was commonly bent over so much that she is almost a permanent hunch back.
In time, her ass turned into such a BATTERED CAVERN that we could hear echos when she farted.
by e-rips December 15, 2003
After a girl/guy give oral copulation to another person and ingests the output, then the person sneezes and out come a mixture of Man Ranch and phlegm. This creamy, salty mixture is known as a Spooge Loogie
Rhonda wanted to show Mike that she really loved him, so she decided to swallow his steamy load after a long session of fellatio. All of a sudden she had a huge urge to sneeze. "Achoooo!!". She snorted out a big wad along with her snot and made a nice bright green and white SPOOGE LOOGIE
by e-rips October 08, 2003
The description of a female's poo chute that is readily accesible by any person and/or object. The girl easily offers up backdoor entry and has logged hundreds of hours being penetrated in the stinky O-ring.
Guys who venture into a girl's Poo Lagoon usually leave smelling of 'aged' fecal matter and crusted smagma, but return for more often because the girl enjoys this type of anal recreation.

Frederick wasn't sure of how freaky Carla was until he ended up knee deep in her Poo Lagoon at the end of the night in his dad's Oldsmobile. He was pounding away at her backdoor until he couldn't stand the smell of the burnt turds and bubblegum. He then proceeded to Donkey Punch her until exploded poo and semen all over the steering wheel and dashboard.

His dad never let him use the car again...
by e-rips January 22, 2007
The condition of a female vaginal cavity during a Sexual Transmitted Disease. Scabs form over the open sores in the cavity and produce a very rigid environment.
Men who venture into these tough tunnels often are met with much friction and a gritty, sandpaper-like feeling during intercourse. Often producing open woulds and sores on the head and shaft of the cock, but produce a kind of accomplishment on the part of the conquerer of this cheese-grater like trophy.
Ricky Milton was gonna get him his first hooker with his birthday money he got from his mom. When he finally got naked and inserted into his new birthday present he was greeted with a the GRIT SLIT from hell. Being the non-quitter he is, he was determined to ride Sandpaper Sally to the end. So he pumped and pumped until his bone exploded all over it. The next few weeks he spent pissing blood and peeling scabs.
by e-rips January 06, 2004
The act of orally pleasing the male retcal area while simultaneously pleasing the man's throbbing penis head.
Usually performed while the shaft is flacid and bendable, then after full erection the 'meal' is concluded with a solo performance on the Rusty Trombone.
Earl was one to always cut corners. Even when he was out with his man-friend.
So, to cut the time of his homosexual date in half, he just had a nice PHALLIC SALAD to finish the dinner. Now, it was onto the movie part of the date...
by e-rips January 05, 2004
An accidental wiping of the eyebrow during a bowl movement.
Usually occurs when someone has to expell a Massive Shit and a lot of sweating occurs. During the wipe, a finger mildly brazes the turd being wiped. Then, the person wipes his/her eyebrow to clear the sweat of a job well done, leaving a smear of fecal matter on the eyebrow or forehead. Thus, a BROWN BROW...
Jimmy had to unload a big one earlier. He must have not looked in the mirror because he didn't notice the brown brow he came out of the shitter with
by e-rips September 23, 2003
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