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Having no ass or junk in the trunk. Suffering from the vitamin deficiency Noassitol. See Glutius Flatosis.
Heather's flat as was the result of Glutious Flatosis.
by DzNutz January 20, 2004
An urban renewal project in process

The flyest neighborhoods

North Linwood (Where I'm from)
South Linwood
Central Linwood
Pilgrim Villagw
Pilgrim Village
Southwest Detroit
Viginia Park
East English Village
Old Redford
North Rosedale Park
Franklin Park
Detroit, Michigan...the home of Midwest Records
by DzNutz May 22, 2004
A condition where a women has a flat buttocks. AKA flat ass. Common in European women. A person with this condition lacks junk in the trunk.
Heather was self consious about her ass because of the chronic Glutius Flatosis.
by DzNutz January 20, 2004
One who defecates out children by one or multiple fathers with no intention on a long term relationship or marriage. Usually goes around life talking about who men ain't shit but yet is in the maternity ward approximately nine months later. Clusters of bastard breeders usually thrive in urban areas. Bastard Breeders come in all colors and creeds, and are usually in impoverish ghetto projects or trailer park dwellings.
Bastard Breeder children are more likely to drop out of school and become pimples on the asses of society.
Jane Doe did not like to work. However found it profitable being a bastard breeder and collecting welfare from the state for 18 years as well as child support from hard working stiffs.
by DzNutz November 10, 2007
A term used to define a person, whom is plain an obscure, who suddenly achieves wealth and people come all out of the wood works to suck his ass.
Johnny was the butt ugliest person in the world, but as soon as he started making paper, it gave him the "Shaq Appeal", and all the finest women were on him.
by DzNutz September 30, 2004
Denoting the volunerability of a man's financial worth, especially at the expense of the wrong woman. Financial balls is a man's strength when it come's to (credit rating, financial status, material equity, and yearly income.)
A person's financial balls can be severed or impaired due to child support, divorce, alimony, or getting with the wrong person that can contribute to you ruining your financial rating.
Randy had a nice house, 6 cars, and a 999 credit score before he married Joyce. After the divorce, Joyce and her divorce attorney hit Randy in his financial balls by claiming the house, 5 of his cars, and making him pay for his kids that he had with her, plus two more that she had from a previous relationship.

Micheal Jordan lost half of a testicle as a result of his divorce.

Mike Tyson, the boxer, is yet to recover after a devestating blow to his financial balls as a result of child support and two divorces.

by DzNutz October 21, 2007
A meddling toddler
Put those cookies back babyfucker!
by DzNutz February 06, 2004

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