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Term used to direct the blame of something bad somewhere else
"The vending machine is out of blueberry Pop-Tarts!"
"Corporate America!"

"I got an F on the test."
"Corporate America, I'm telling you..."
by dylan-o November 17, 2006
to speak offensively or maliciously behind someone's back
That girl was talkin' mess like crazy on MySpace yesterday.
by dylan-o November 13, 2006
a small branch of a hallway or corridor, usually very small, that ends in some kind of door or entrance
If you sit in the covice, the door is gonna hit you in the face when it opens.
by dylan-o November 13, 2006
any of the various species of little to tiny sized people wandering the earth
Did you see that fetusmonster in the hallway? Because I didn't! It was too SMALL!
by dylan-o November 15, 2006
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