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An alchoholic person.
Alchoholic beverages in general.

* From the colour of the can containing England's strongest lager, Tennents Super Strength *
1. Look at that pisshead, he's a right purple tin.
2. Jeez, did you see XXXX last night, he was well purpled up.
3. What do you want to drink, I'm just off to get some purples in.
by dvarpala June 14, 2004
Gypsy, traveller, homeless person, pikey.
Intinerent traveller, supporting "independent" lifestyle by stealing from others.
Better make sure the doors and windows are scurely locked tonight, Mavis - the robgoblins are living in the layby again.
by dvarpala June 14, 2004
An alchoholic.
*From grog, the old British Naval word for rum*
Look at him, he's a turning into a right old grog monster.
by dvarpala June 15, 2004
A wheelchair ramp.
From "raspberry ripple", for cripple
How much did they pay to put in that raspberry ramp, the cripples have got no money to spend in here anyway....
by dvarpala June 09, 2005
Male homosexual.
Abbreviation of "fudgeknocker".
Elton John is soooo gay, he's a total knocker !
by dvarpala June 09, 2005
To borrow money from another person, with no intention of ever paying it back.

ex. "Lend us a tenner, mate. I'll sort you out for it in the week"
The bastard borrowed a fiver off me the other night - he'd better not jenk me again.
by dvarpala June 14, 2004

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