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5 definitions by dustmo

Del Taco Shits are a rectal explosion that happens after eating at Del Taco.
Diz: Whats that awfsome smell wafting into the living room?
CoRiz: Sorry I have the Del Taco Shits...
Diz: Del Taco is at it again...
by dustmo March 01, 2011
Legstain is a word meaning to describe a potential baby that might have splurted onto ones pant leg or trouser.
Dude: Awwww man I just totally got babybatter all over my breeches.

Dudette: That legstain could be our unborn aweson!
by dustmo August 30, 2009
Aweson is a word meaning the "son of awesome" which happens to be a portmanteau of awesome and son.
This legstain just might be the aweson that grows up to become our next president! Too bad we're poor...
by dustmo August 30, 2009
Warzy is a term meaning "space asthma" it is a portmanteau of sorts of Star Wars and Nebulizer.
Man I totally just got warzy off of that wine from the space bag pillow I slept on last night.
by dustmo July 28, 2009
Dryer Beat is when the clothes dryer is making a kickin' hip hop beat and it makes you want to bust phat rhymes.
Yo this dryer beat is totally in time with this MF Doom song, lets bust some phat rhymes G!
by dustmo January 20, 2010