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A loving term for being cranky and mildly whiny. Less intense than a crankzilla when you want to be loud and complain non-stop and possibly swear a lot.
I woke up this morning feeling like a serious crankamuffin.
#synonyms: cranky #whiny #irritated #annoyed. antonyms: positive #happy #joyous #perky.
by dup4 November 02, 2013
Monstrously cranky, ready to explode, yell at someone or break something just to feel better, having rage, swearing a lot.
I am such a crankzilla today! (loud whining..) Oh my f'n god, I feel bad for anyone that talks to me or even looks at me today because I'm ready to punch somebody.
#synonyms- bitchy #irritated #mad #enraged. antonyms: happy #positive #friendly #calm.
by Dup4 November 02, 2013
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