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in reference to a dormitory on the campus of Fordham University in the Bronx because it's mailing address is 555 E 191 Street. The building was subsequently named Walsh Hall.
Hey we got Rocco and Tony for roomates in the triple nickel room 303.
#aka #nickname #college dorm #address #history
by dunnro1 February 03, 2008
ejaculate, usually haphazardly deposited
Did you see that? Bill just sprayed his manglue all over Monica's dress!
#baby batter #jizz #load #squirt #shot
by dunnro1 December 18, 2007
the act of being set upon by an overly agressive sales rep at a mall kiosk peddling the usual trinkets (perfume, trendy toys etc.)
I was walking through the Paramus Park mall minding my own business when I was kiosk ambushed.
#sales #mall #agressive #junk #trap
by dunnro1 December 17, 2007
an extreme case of phoniness usually exhibited by celebrities who preach on about fashionable topics such as poverty or environment and yet do nothing personally to support the cause which they claim to be in favor of.
Al Gore is a prime hyperphony for his huge carbon footprint while calling on the rest of us to reduce our footprint.
#hypocrite #2 faced #celebrity #fake #fraud
by dunnro1 January 25, 2008
the act of a self absorbed Hollywood actor/actress involving themselves through the media in another person's business
Paltrow says she's helping Madonna through split was the title on the news article. It's just another case of celebrity insertion because I didn't need to know what the self absorbed Ms. Paltrow was doing.
#busybody #nosy #narciccist #egotistic #unwanted
by dunnro1 October 21, 2008
spots of drool, spit up and the like deposited on the shoulders of parent's clothing and coats by sleeping children; synomous with daddy badge
After I put Shannon in her crib I noticed a fresh cuddle mark on my new leather jacket.
#spit #drool #parent #babies #sleeping
by dunnro1 June 15, 2008
a situation where one is jealous because their friend/neighbor has a bigger tv (usually plasma/HD) than they do.
I had a big time case of tv envy when Biff got a 50" plasma set for the Super Bowl and I'm stuck with my 13" black and white.
#jealousy #envy #crave #gottahave #desire
by dunnro1 January 29, 2008
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