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Blood elf from world of warcraft whom you can never kill because everything he does is "merely a setback." Rest assure he will appear again in Icecrown for Magisters' Terrace was merely a setback!
Kael'thas: Don't look so smug! I know what you're thinking, but Tempest Keep was merely a set back. Did you honestly believe I would trust the future to some blind, half-night elf mongrel? Hahahaha... Oh no, no, no, he was merely an instrument, a stepping stone to a much larger plan! It has all led to this...and this time, you will not interfere!
by dunefrost October 17, 2009
Advertised as different from all the other black firday sales that day by K-Mart, as said by mr.blue lightbulb. However, it's pretty much, more or less, the same.
K-Mart's blue lightbulb : Black firday? Ha! we have blue friday.
by dunefrost December 20, 2009
This phrase is used in response to a posted link that is obviously a keylogger. The person who says it acts as if he/she has been keylogged.
TC: Free Moneyz at www.keylogger.lol
Random Dude: MAH KEYS!
by dunefrost October 01, 2009
Some new ad on urbandictionary that features a blonde chick dressed as either a pirate, little red riding hood or a vampire. Sometimes it also features one scary ass bear!

Their logo is: "Get it when YOU want"
Bill: Did you see that buycostumes.com ad?
Bob: Yeah....actually the chick in the little red riding hood costume is pretty hot.

Bill: HOLY SHIT! That's one scary ass bear
by dunefrost October 18, 2009
Used to be one of the most famous night clubs in NYC. Lots of singers and comedieans preformed there That is, until the friken MTA decided it was time for the expansion of the 7 subway line and caused it to shut down.

Damn you MTA!

When there was a commercial about the commerical, there would always be that short song(see the lyrics below)
At the copa, copa cabana
by dunefrost December 02, 2009

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