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Day of the week dedicated to pine trees.
Svenn: You heading down to Ikea tonight?

Erik: Nah son, I'm waiting til firday so I can get my pine on.
by bob the angry shanker February 18, 2011
9 1
Firday is a term used for describing the hindmost weekday of every week, wherein interested parties pay their respect to pine trees - most notably the Balsam and Fraser Fir. Bekka is also wrong, but I digress.
Me - "Man, so keen to get my Firday celebrations underway!"

Bekka - "L0L UR DUM ITZ 'FRIDAY'."

Me - "Have some respect for Balsam the Almighty, you heathen scum!"
by Iloveworshippingtreegods May 19, 2011
4 0
Another name for Friday, the last day of the working week. Called this because Friday is the day for chasing fur (see definition by tdogg).
D-Mac: Hey Stevo, glad it's firday?
Stevo: You know I am. Going to the 'stang tonight?
D-Mac: Nah, last time I went there I got too hammered and lost my camera phoney.
by D-Mac November 07, 2004
14 18