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Originating in the 1990's, Cock snot refers to a male's ejaculatory secretions
I wiped my cock snot all over her face
by dudu September 17, 2003
A play of the word Ambidextrous. Ambisextrous is to be Bi-sexual.
In college, I gave a shot at being ambisextrous.
by dudu September 17, 2003
A Gentleman politely lays his sac on your face, conveniently placing a nut in each eye.
This nice young man gave me arabian sun goggles last night
by Dudu September 16, 2003
Referring to a vagina riddled with venerial diseases (The Clap )
Dude, I heard about her. You'd best keep away from her clap trap
by dudu September 17, 2003
An Orgy
Man, we totally team creamed judy yesterday in the guys locker room
by dudu September 17, 2003
A word originating in the 1960's that refers to Cunnilingus
Although I was reluctant, she would not stop begging me to Hunt the Anchovy
by dudu September 17, 2003
A woman's vaginal secretions, associating a woman's vagina to a clam, and the secretions that come out of it, being jam.
"man that broad I did last night had some thick ass clam jam."
by dudu September 17, 2003

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