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A phrase uttered by any pissed off jersey citizen ; another way to say beat the living shit out of you.
"Dude, I'm going jersey (joisy) on your ass!"
by dude007 July 31, 2008
when you do something so stupid, you own yourself like a fucktard!
jimmy self own 'd himself
by dude007 May 30, 2008
the same as sandstone shit
"that rusty turd was fuckin creepy with little flakes around it!"
by dude007 May 29, 2008
Swearing in the German Language...

Fuck-Ficken (fik-en)
You-Du (doo)
Bitch-Hudin (hoo-din)
Shit-Sheisse (shie-sa)
Ass-Esel (ess-el)
Hole-Loch (loch)
Pussy-Meize (my-tsah)
Dick-Dik (deek)
Head-Kopf (cop-f)
Whore Bag-Hure Beutel (hoo-rah boo-tehl)
Christoph was caught schworen at the teacher.
by dude007 October 22, 2008
when you smoke alot of weed and you get seriously fuckin' hungry.
"Damn, dude, i got da munchies."
by dude007 May 30, 2008
When you have a huge turd come out and little shit flakes break off and swim around in the bowl.
"Holy crap! I just took a huge a shit and it was all flaky!"

"Dude1 That was a sandstone shit!"

"Dude! Gnarly!"
by dude007 May 28, 2008
A person who says dude in every sentance they say.
dude007 is Dudeist
by dude007 August 02, 2008

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