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The wonderful Welcomer Head on Furcadia, that is always willing to help!

Beautiful and helpful, what more could you want!?
Abbi rawks your sawks, dude!
by Ducky February 15, 2005
A campy 1950s TV show with a perfect family living in suburbia. There's the all knowing father, the happy homemaker mother, the wise older brother, and the goofy and kindhearted younger brother. Often referred to as an example of 1950s quaintness and 'simpler times.' Reruns can be seen on TVLand.
Gee Wally, that's SWELL!
by Ducky August 17, 2005
Deep fried potato wedges. Sort of like French fries, but a bit fatter. The term is used in the Pacific Northwest.
At KFC, I ordered two extra-crispy chicken strips and some jojos.
by Ducky July 27, 2007
Member of the woodwind family. A double reed instrument. Is NOT a "big oboe". Pitched a fifth below the oboe, in F. In orchestral works, is usually used to convey "sad" emotions. Has a deeper, more mellow sound due to the rounded bell. Is not English, despite the name. It's actually French. This is from a mis-translation of its other name, "cor anglais", which means "angled horn" but can also mean "English horn".
That English horn solo made me cry.
by ducky August 09, 2004
It's not quite a mop, and it's not quite a puppet.
Characters created by Jim Henson, such as Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo. Often appear on the PBS show Sesame Street.
It's not easy being green!
by Ducky August 17, 2005
A sexy sexy Maple Story fan site run by sexy people.

It's in my pants and swivelling around, like an eel with arms, only bigger, faster..
That lady at the beach.. was Sleepywood.net

by Ducky December 11, 2004
1. A deragatory definition of a female with male-like qualities who performs sexual favors to other females for money.
2. A female who lacks common sense and is primarily dependent on the male gender.
"Oh god, don't make eye contact, it's Wamsley"

"After class, Wamsley went to the badminton game to see how many men she could attract.
by ducky August 11, 2004
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