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The paper bag in which a cold beer and or wine comes in when you buy such product from a convenient sto or liquor sto. If the individual par-takes in the cold beverage while it is still in said sack, the sack then becomes a mexican huggie.

The huggie is very handy when one wants to(keep his or her beverage on the down low, protects hands for cold container, bottle integrity, maintain liquid temp, ease of disposal.
My friend Sasha always enjoy's her boones farm wine in a mexican huggie so not to get her lil paws cold!!

Ninja's from Nickelville tend to sip on they 40's while protected in a mexican huggie!

Yo dawg just put yo cheap shizzle in a mexican huggie, that way all the big booty hoe's be thinking we dranking Heinekens!
#nickelville #ninja #40oz #koozie #beer #liquor store
by duckninja6 April 19, 2010
The ghetto version of MacGyver. This is someone one who lives in the hood and can fix or solve most any problem that arises (or so he thinks he can). Actually after blacguyver gets through ninja’n with the task at hand its in worst shape than when he started. Due to the simple fact he or they have been sippin on some 40’s or hammering on a fatty.

Like terms or phrases: (nigga rig, afro engineer, jury-rig, ninja’n)
Man we can haul these here two push mowers over the to pawn shop. We will just strap em down on top of our covertible! Yeah man thats what blacgyver would do!
#macgyver #40oz #beer #duckninja #ninja
by duckninja6 May 03, 2010
Is a term said aloud when a beaver or other wild creatures has been killed or shot at! Also can be said when someone hammers down on a cold beer or shot of yukon jack has been taken.

The word tends to be used more as the night progresses due to the amount of alcohol being consumed so that the term can be used.
Ohh look there is a beaver over there, shoot it! BOOM we got him! "CRACKAPOW"
#beaver #gun #ninja #sasha #beer
by duckninja6 April 19, 2010
Someone who duck hunts that has ninja like qualities or moves. ie. catlike reflexes, stealthy especially when problems arise, can walk on water if boat problems come about, kill ducks by simply cocking their finger back and saying "crackapow", need no camo (cause they blend in to any background), hunt in nothing more than a loin cloth due to the fact their blood temp stay's a contestant 150 degree's, paws like steel (to avoid nutrirat bites, turn steaks on hot grill for fellow ninja friends), out think the wariest of fowl.

Basicly a stone cold duck killing machine!
All A-team members who hunt ducks at DC are no doubt duckninja's.

Duckninja's tend to make other duckhunters nervous!
#duck #ninja #a-team #beer #stealthy
by duckninja6 April 20, 2010
Are aspiring duckninja's who have been taken under the wing of a jedi duckninja. Depending on the duckninja in training skill set the period until full blown duckninja status can vary from years to centuries. The ancient duckninja craft has been passed down for thousands of years. Many different decoy sets, calling styles, and or shooting ablities have to be mastered before said trainee can dawn the coveted ninja duck call. All duck ninjas can be identified by their call. One call shall be worn by a true old school taught duckninja. Olt-cutdown 1930-1940 model hand cut by a oltsmith with just the right angle. No other calls can be accepetd!

All posser duckninja's are to be killed on site!
The quickest I have seen someone go from duckninja jr. to a full blown duckninja was one month. She had ninja skills like no other. She goes by SASHA!
#duckninja #stealthy #sasha #duck #hunt
by duckninja6 April 20, 2010
Compadre’s who enjoy the cold refreshing sweet and delicious nectar know as Boones Farm Wine while together. It is typically consumed among friends while road trippn, tailgate chillin, bon-fires, beaver beatdowns, and or hunting/fishing trips. Also "has" to be used in conjunction with a Mexican huggie.

Popular flavor include:skrawberry hill, fuzzy navel, melon, berry blend and skrawberry daiquiri

Can be found in most gas stations in the malt-liquor section.
Bromigo(driver): Hey dont you think its time to hit some backroads and hammer on some boones!!

Bromigo(shotgun seat): HelltotheYeah!!

Bromigo(driver): Thats what Im talking bout!! Cause we boones friends!!
#boones #beer #crackapow #tricket #mexican huggie
by duckninja6 April 27, 2010
A word used to describe something that comes in handy or very valuable at the moment when something is needed. I mean kinda snappy crazy handy, basicly with out it the event could not take place. Or if you had it the experience would be better.
If we had a bathroom here in the duck blind it would no doubt be the tricket!!
#sasha #potty #hover #beer #mexican huggie
by duckninja6 April 26, 2010
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