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man nipples - especially ones which protrude through a shirt.
The existence of mipples is one of life's great mysteries.
by duckman October 02, 2003
The process by which work related frustrations are taken out on a poor, defenseless fooseball table and those nearby.
After such a horrendous call, he decided that the fooseball table needed to be yorked but good. Time to consider buying a new table.......
by Duckman December 30, 2004
Old Bastard
Clan name <Ob>

A group of Old Bastards over 30 who play FPS.

e.g. Duckman<Ob>
by Duckman January 01, 2004
The process of violently thrashing a fooseball table about in an attempt to either kill your opponents or get a goal.
The table was yorked ferociously, simultaneously crushing my foot and allowing a goal for the other team.
by Duckman December 15, 2004

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