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The process by which a student enrolled in any program at any level is fucked over by a York University professor or york administration for no apparent reason, usually stemming from a lack of communication but often can have no premise whatsoever
They're not giving me my degree certificate because I owe 50 cents to the library from a book I took out in first year. I'm getting totally Yorked.
#york university #yu #screwed #toronto #prof
by UckPeddie May 14, 2008
The process by which students are screwed over by administrators and student advisers for not fulfilling complicated and obtuse university class requirements.

These requirements are often absurd, often being a half-year class that is only offered every other decade and is taught on a different campus altogether, and is sometimes seen as being a cheap final cash grab from the school.

The term usually applies to university students who are attempting to finally graduate and join the real world.
My adviser told me I had all my classes but when I applied to graduate, I totally got Yorked. Looks like it's back to school for me.
#york #yorked #university #student #degree #graduation
by Chewbacca1010 September 16, 2008
(verb) To be yorked is reminiscent of being jacked, dooped, taken for your money, ripped off or jerked around.

(adj) Yorky. When somethign is yorky it means it's chinsey, sketchy, shady or looks/sounds.seems like a rip off. Not to be confused with Yorkie - a York U student.

The word partly originated from the poor academic image associated with York University and a steep financial price you pay for your education there and party from the institution's seemingly random yet systematic ability to screw over its students while denying any involvement and offering no help.

York has a business-first attitude and puts students along with their education last. It mass produces students like McDonald's does BigMacs, with the same intrinsic value.
Kevin: Dude, I just saw this movie and got totally yorked!

Jake: Dude, Why would you see it? You yourself even said that the trailer looked yorky.
#york university #yorkie #york u #york #yorku
by Shittalker February 10, 2010
When York University has screwed up your life. Again.
"Oh man, I thought my life was starting to make sense, but I got Yorked!"
"It was a new day, but then it got all Yorked up. I should have known."
"Friends don't let friends get Yorked."
#york #academia #bad times #never again #life choices #screwed
by Marchesa Casati March 16, 2015
To pay a large amount of money for something you can not give away. To be promised something great only to find out it is crap.
I paid $80,000 for a PSL at Levy stadium and now the team is crap... I've been Yorked
#ripped off #been sold snake oil #lied to #falsely promised #switch and bate
by 9er fan February 13, 2015
A thrown dessert item, usually a mint-chocolate patty, hits a male in the genital area hard enough to cause the recipient of the throw to double over in pain.
We were watching a movie, and then he just yorked his friend! Right in the patties! It looked really painful...he couldn't stand up straight for five minutes.
#york patties #york #yorked #yorking #pattied
by Docholmes31 March 24, 2013
The process by which work related frustrations are taken out on a poor, defenseless fooseball table and those nearby.
After such a horrendous call, he decided that the fooseball table needed to be yorked but good. Time to consider buying a new table.......
by Duckman December 30, 2004
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