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when someone or something ruins a special moment which may or may not be drug induced.

see also buzzkill

The protagonist experienced the ultimate buzz kill in "The Crying Game" when Dil removed -his- pants.

"Dude, I'm so high right now"
"yeah, but we just smoked the last of the weed and your girlfriend took our rent money to fix the dent you left in her car last week"
"Dude, could you be any *more* of a buzz kill right now ?"


Urban Dictionary's inability to recognize identical terms with minor spelling variations is such a buzz kill.
by dtrax May 21, 2005
One of those unfortunate 'fringe' words that has entered into the language - not popular enough for you to know what it means and not obscure enough for you never to have come in contact with it.

The type of word that thrives in the midst of ego inflating chain mail dreck destined to be circulated by the staff at universities everywhere. It will be sandwiched between two other equally esoteric words with equally redundant applications.

Used by supposedly tech savvy English Lecturers who believe that their ability to use such terms is inextricably linked with their (immense) technological skill.

These are the same Lecturers who spontaneously orgasm over the correct usage of a word like "poleaxed" or wear Atari T-shirts to conventions just for the recognition.

You type "treeware" instead of "hardcopy" when you're writing a cleverly worded course outline with your left hand whilst your right hand is busily engaging in ritual self satisfaction.


Mr (X) thought using the word treeware in his course outline would gain him some kudos amongst the class. Ironically the class had had so little exposure to the word that they all ended up on urban dictionary reading this definition instead.
by dtrax May 18, 2005
Seminal rap group responsible for bringing hip hop into the mainstream. First Rap group ever to go gold, platinum, have a video shown on MTV and have a single go #1.

Group consisted of two MCs - Joseph Simmons (RUN) & Darryl McDaniels (DMC) & one DJ - Jason Mizell (Jam Master Jay.

Slowly faded into obscurity with their more recent efforts (Down with the king & Crown Royale). Had a brief revival in '97 when Jason Nevins remixed "It's Like That" from their first album.

Disbanded since the murder of Jam Master Jay in 2002.
Now Peter Piper picked peppers but Run rocked rhymes
Humpty Dumpty fell down that's his hard time
Jack B. Nimble what nimble and he was quick
But Jam Master cut faster Jack's on Jay's dick
Now Little Bo Peep cold lost her sheep
And Rip van Winkle fell the hell asleep
And Alice chillin somewhere in Wonderland
Jack's servin Jill a bucket in his hand
And Jam Master Jay's making out our sound
The turntables might wobble but they don't fall down

Now Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose both did their thing
But Jam Master's gettin loose and D.M.C.'s the king
Cause he's adult entertainer
Child educator
Jam Master Jay king of the crossfader
He's the better of the best best believe he's the baddest
Perfect timin when I'm climbin I'm a rhymin apparatus
Lot of guts
When he cuts
Girls move their butts
His name is Jay hear the play he must be nuts
And on the mix real quick and I'd like to say
He's not Flash but he's fast and his name is Jay

Jay's like King Midas as I was told
Everything that he touched turned to gold
He's the greatest of the greater get it straight
He's great
Playing fame cause his name is known in every state
His name is Jay
To see him play
Will make you say
God damn that DJ made my day
Like the butcher the baker
The candlestick maker
He's a maker a breaker
And a title taker
Like the little old lady who lived in a shoe
If cuts were kids he would be you
Not lyin y'all he's the best I know
And if I lie my nose will grow
Like a little wooden boy named Pinocchio
And you all know how the story go

Tricks are for kids he plays much gigs
He's a big bad wolf and you're the three pigs
He's a big bad wolf in your neighborhood
Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good

We're Run-D.M.C. got a beef to settle
D's not Hansel he's not Gretel
Jay's a winner
Not a beginner
His pockets get fat others get thinner
Jump on Jay like cows jump moons
People chase Jay like dish and spoon
And like all fairy tales end
You'll see Jay again my friend
by dtrax May 22, 2005
A bandit that eats clams. Also known as a lesbian.
The Red Room is full of clam bandits on ladies night.
by dtrax January 11, 2007
A 3 piece punk-folk-rock-band from Milwaukee. Relatively well known to generation X-ers for their college anthems ("Add it Up" "Blister in the Sun" "Kiss Off" "Gimme the Car").

They consist of Gordon Gano (Vocals, Guitar) Victor DeLorenzo (Drums, back up vocals) & Brian Ritchie (insane bass guitar, back up vocals - some lead).

One of the greatest bands of the last 20 years, and definitely the best live act still touring today.

Unfortunately, a lot of their catalogue has been overshadowed by their #1 hit "blister in the sun" - one of their lesser tracks, but one that had an infectious refrain which caught the attention of the mass consciousness.

They've had a few revivals (or just off mainstream revivals) over the years. "American Music" was a big hit from "Why do birds sing", "Blister in the Sun" is a movie soundtrack favourite and Ethan Hawke covered "Add it Up" in Reality Bytes.

Tragically, a mini-thesis could be written on how the usage of the song "Add it Up" (and the censoring of it) within Reality Bytes represented exactly what was lacking in the movie.

Still, there are few bands with more quotable songs - and fewer bands with more rabid fans.

Trivia: Even if you haven't heard of the femmes, chances are you've heard Gordon play - as the guitarist for the Law & Order theme.

"Add it up"

Why can't I get just one fuck?
Why can't I get just one fuck?
guess it's got somethin' to do with luck
but I've waited my whole life for just one....


"Hallowed Ground"

Everyone's trying to decide
where to go when there's no place to hide
I follow the bombs as they're coming down
this must have been, hallowed ground.


"American Music"

did you do too many drugs?
I did too many drugs
did you do too many drugs, too?
by dtrax May 20, 2005
1) Terrible children's program that is not only responsible for retarding brain development at an early age but also for opening the doors to other talentless hacks trying to latch onto a mealticket by exploiting children.

2) Too easy. Like turning off a lightswitch. The opposite of trying to get playschool cancelled.

not to be confused with playskool.

Playschool is responsible for the western mindset. Without playschool, Nader would have won office. Nader never watched playschool.

John's a 38 year old college graduate. He still uses his fingers to count thanks to playschool.


"Woah, how'd you convince Universal to finance a sequel to Battlefield Earth?"

"Playschool, baby"
by dtrax May 20, 2005
Australian Product Line & Colloquialism

A line of mens singlets put out by the "Bonds" company. They have thicker shoulder straps than most singlet brands and hang flush so as to emphasize the chest.

The Bonds singlets are known as the "chesty" line, and have a mascott - "Chesty Bond"

synonymous with wifebeater
Calling a wifebeater a chesty bond hasn't had a significant impact in lowering the instances of spousal abuse.
by dtrax May 21, 2005

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