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The combination of two words "bro" and "chick", used to desribe a female who has all the attributes of a good-looking girl but is still down to hang out with a bunch of guys. She fits well into all-guy groups and knows how to have a good time.

bricks are ideal when introducing females into a friend group of tight-knit males also known as "bros"
"Man, matt's girlfriend is such a brick, she can hold her own when it comes to beer pong"
by DrSteveBrule August 24, 2009
Someone who has done something stupid or of distaste for the group watching or doing the activity. One step up from dingus in terms of harshness
Steve: I can't believe that ref threw a flag!
John: Yeah man, what a bringus
by DRSTEVEBRULE August 31, 2012
Live fast die young. You know what it's about. Very famous acronym. Can stand in the place of yolo. It's basically better known than yolo.
"Should I go on the date with that tinder guy?" "Lfdy"
by drstevebrule December 30, 2014
"Very for me" is an expression used to show you really like something or that it reflects your what you're all about. "Very for me" is used to show that you approve of a person, place or thing because it reflects your personal values and goals.
"Corn Flakes are very for me."

"Steve Brule? He's very for me"

"This song could not be more for me"

*someone posts a picture on Facebook* writes: "very for me" or even "vfm"

"I don't care. Taylor Swift is very for me."
by drstevebrule February 14, 2013

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