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Short for raw, or ridiculus ownage. The word rwndypwned is a derivative of rwnage, meaning raw power ownage.
I am teh king of rwnage. When they wrestled, Jim got rwndypwned by Kevin. "There will be rwnings next!", said Hagrid.
by drsquar October 17, 2006
Short for virtual ownage. Not to be confused with Vonage, the broadband phone service. Pwnage should be confined to non-virtual games, such as Ping-Pong. This would allow the use of the much more appropriate vwnage.
Holy shit, that was vwnage.
by drsquar October 17, 2006
Short for James Earl Pwns, Indiana Pwns, and Al Capwn (the three gwnages (gods of ownage)). By using all three names in one (such as Jeiacpwnage), you refer to the twnage (triforce of ownage), which is the highest possible level of ownage.
Having sex with Jessica Alba would be jeiacpwnage.
by drsquar October 17, 2006

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