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The ultimate in greasy fried snacks available from british "chippies" or chip shops; A chopped and shaped pork patty flavoured with either barbeque or chinese seasoning, doused in batter then deep fried. Mmmmmm heart attacks never tasted so good !
"Gie us a king rib supper wi' 2 king ribs, one BBQ and one chinese, 2 buttered rolls and a few pickles, broon sauce on the chips and extra salt on everyhin', a couple o mairs bairs an' a gless bottle of irn bru ya cunt"
by Drewbud315 July 06, 2007
Also a "Walk By Cumming", the act of secretly masturbating in public, then jizzing on a complete stranger, before running off.
"Frank, call the cops... I've just fallen victim to a walk by cumshot."
by Drewbud315 May 04, 2007
The cool dude emoticon on MSN with teh shades - teh best emoticon EVER !!
Malcolm: DUDE !! you ROCK !!
Drew: (H)
by Drewbud315 November 14, 2007
Another term for a total pleb
Dumbfuck McNumbnuts! can't you do anything right ??
by Drewbud315 September 10, 2007
e.g. Blow, Scottish slang for Hashish.
Only used for describing Hashish.
Haw Tam, got any blaw ?
by Drewbud315 May 04, 2007
To take a pass of a joint and get saliva all over the roach then pass it to a friend dripping with spit.
"Don't give the joint to malcolm dude, he'll total buttsuck it"
by Drewbud315 September 10, 2007
Any location that is dirty, skanky, run down, disease ridden, full of junk, or characterised by the state of a heroin addict's flat.
"I'm no goin' back to the Raploch, that place is a fuckin' Smackhole."
by Drewbud315 May 04, 2007
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