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186 definitions by drew

The noble race that created the Persian Empire.
by Drew October 16, 2003
a massive erection in your pants clumped up to make it look like a big lump in the front of your pants
Dude once I saw that hot chick i got the biggest bulge
by Drew March 08, 2005
otherwise known as nudes, or nude pictures, usally of girls
dude, i need to beat off, send me some n00dz
by drew September 22, 2004
Any debris that clings to the hair around one’s asshole. This could include, but not limited to: poop, cotton balls from underwear, other ass crack hair that tangles in on itself, etc… It is synonymous with DINGLE-BERRY
Before sixty-nine, it is good hygene to wash your ass of all CLINGONS.
by Drew October 20, 2004
an attractive young woman
damn, check out all the biddies on the boardwalk.
by drew August 06, 2004
Unessary or Unwanted attention
Fuck smoking a joint infront of the cop shop is heat
by Drew April 14, 2003
religions worst nightmare
seriously, the rainbow is gods promise not to drown us all. Isn't that nice of him?
by drew December 24, 2003