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Calling out a stupid person by stating the obvious.
damn, scott - you're such an assfart!
by drew May 24, 2004
when someone eats a girl out or when a girl sucks a guys penis also known as gettin head.
i want to have oral sex tonite
by drew April 15, 2004
A vaugue term, often used indesciminately, to describe a thing or things that one would,usually for the sake of convenience, omit and sum up as "what-not"
"That bastard. Spends all his damn time messing with that ugly girlfriend of his.You know, just talking and what-not"
by drew August 12, 2003
FUPA (Fat Upper Pussy Area) refers to the large, overhanging, belly-like sack above the females pookie.
My FUPA is rounder than your FUPA, you tramp.
by Drew April 13, 2005
derivative of the word shiznit, shiznit but with more emphasis, the best of the best
Now that I've seen that on TV, that is the shiznite!
by Drew July 07, 2004
Very cute drummer for groovy new band,the Strokes. Boyfriend of Drew Barrymore, lucky chick.
I dreamed that Fab Moretti kissed me.
by Drew March 15, 2004
An S-Class criminal and former member of the Akatsuki organization. He is now the lead vocalist for the newly formed demon metal band, Niberu.
Itachi's vocal range is inhuman - such wails are not of this earth.
by Drew March 09, 2005

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