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It's the shorter name for Roosevelt Avenue, which is located in Jackson Heights, Queens.
Yo, go to Roosie to take the 7 train.
by dreone May 03, 2003
this is the ghetto pronounciation for the word "thug".
yo is you a tug?
by dreone April 23, 2003
A blowout is a hairstyle for boys usually worn by hispanic and black people.
Yo u seen that niggaz blowout?? Nigga looks like dragon ball z.
by dreone May 01, 2003
This is an MC's most powerful weapon...the pen. "Bic" is the name of the most common use pen.
I was writin' lyrics, just me and my bic.
by dreone May 01, 2003
hat is the ghetto prounciation for the word "hot".
Those bitches is hat!
by dreone April 23, 2003

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