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Nickname for anyone who belives they have skills and intelligence greater than reality would suggest.
This person would arrogantly boast about thier greatness to anyone who listens unaware of the fact that they are in fact self deluded and worthless.
Look at that fucking loser, giving it large like barry big bollocks
by dregj April 06, 2012
Phrase that indicating ones stupidity and imaturity by refusing to used the word "fuck"
Substituting swearing for ridiclous infantile phrases instead .
Also watch out for "gosh almighty"
"Go straight to Heck"
"Oh sugar"

"oh Poo"
"wow thats a lots of F bombs ,sir"

"Its actually pronounced FUCK you cowardly F Bomb Retard"
by dregj December 28, 2011
Low paying low self esteem job involving no creativity or thought other than how to avoid the attentions of a team leader who earns a little more than 1000 pounds more than you .
remember these people are office monkeys so killing them isn't a crime their already dead inside
by dregj September 21, 2010
Aquired immmune deficiency symdrome but with a moral component added by conservative hatemongers.
Thus good aids is from a contaminated blood transfusion or other acident.
Bad Aids is from being a "GAYIST" or an addict
He may have aids, but its Good Aids hes no gayer
by dregj September 03, 2012

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