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29 definitions by dref said right

A retarded and pointless way of insulting someone. Cursing in arguments shows that either A) the person is weak, B) the argument is weak, or C) both. The answer is usually C. However, the ones who are offended by curses are just as weak and pitiful as the ones who curse in arguments. Cursing for an insult is just as pitiful, for it shows you don't have brains to come of with a good insult. However cursing is DEFINATELY not immature, nor is it bad. It's not like I'm afraid of a word I'll say it fuck fuck fuck fuck, however using it in regular life is just pointless.
I don't curse, not because I'm a chicken, but because it's pointless.
by dref said right June 02, 2004
1. Having no money or having very little money; homeless
2. pitiful
3. weak
1. He was a very poor child.
2. Look at the poor little baby!
2. Poor excuse for music; poor insult.
by dref said right June 09, 2004
The best band of all-time. See Kurt Cobain.
Just a pity Nirvana are gone.
by dref said right June 04, 2004
It better be within a week.
The losers who keep destroying my definitions better stop now.
by dref said right June 07, 2004
something that sucks, but it sure is better than instant messaging.
email sucks, but you have to give it credit for being better than instant messaging.
by dref said right June 23, 2004
A poor, poor insult for the backstreet boys... yes I agree, they suck, but fagstreet boys is a very poor insult for them.
Backstreet Boys are the biggest group of losers on the planet.
fagstreet boys is a very poor insult for them, though.
by dref said right June 09, 2004
writing h8 instead of hate is a sign of being a lazy freak.
by dref said right June 10, 2004