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foolishly wrong or stupid.
Liking rap, watching MTV, listening to Good Charlotte, etc.

Only inept people watch MTV.
by dref said right June 17, 2004
To raise higher, usually in a job status.
I got promoted from vice president to president.
by dref said right June 09, 2004
One who writes words such as h8 instead of hate, omg instead of oh my god, 2 instead of to/too, rox instead of rocks, etc. in an attempt to be cool when really they are being just plain lazy and stupid.
also see dumbhead moron
Once I saw the word c instead of see, I knew at once she was a lazy freak.
by dref said right June 10, 2004
What I have to make a definition of because making a definition of bright won't work.
I'll just use this because bright won't work.
by dref said right June 12, 2004
to make again; to start over again.
A renewed library book; The renewed order.
by dref said right June 11, 2004
1. The best style of music ever invented; hardcore music.
2. Something that is usually found on the ground, usually gray but can be any color, and can also be any size.
3. Something than is awesome but in a verb way.
1. Listen to rock if you want to see awesome.
2. I threw the rock at my neighboors' dog, OUCH did it hurt!
3. It rocks!
by dref said right June 10, 2004
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