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Miami's major league baseball team (formerly the florida marlins, see florida marlins)
did u see mike stanton of the miami marlins smack a homer
by dr.awesome February 24, 2012
A moose that is approximately 50cm high, has wings and behaves like an owl. They live in forrests on the northern hemisphere and is known for the sound they make when they catch their prey: "khaaaa". The moose-owl sometimes catches prey as large as cows and always proceeds to fly towards the sunset carrying the prey. They are very stealthy and always attacks the prey from behind.
Farmer: The Moose-owls have taken nearly 15 of my finest cows, this has to stop!
by Dr.Awesome November 12, 2007
The sound a "moose-owl" makes when it catches it's prey and then proceeds to fly away towards the sunset.
Damn! Did you just hear that moose-owl khaaaa?
Yeah! Let's get the hell out of here!
by Dr.Awesome November 12, 2007
The opposite of a midget. A very tall and thin person with long arms and legs.
Peter Crouch is such an idget.

It would be hilarious if an idget married a midget.
by Dr.Awesome November 12, 2007

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