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Southernism for 'idiot'
Stop standing out in that thar thunderstorm, you idget!
by Amy April 03, 2004
name for a stupid person, slang for idiot
I can't believe Warner thinks he made up the word "sicknasty"...he is such an idget!
by AKGIRL23 January 30, 2011
A person smarter than a moron, but unable to prove it.
Someone robs a liquor store. The clerk tells them they are not old enough to steal/buy the alcohol and then asks for an I.D. Being an idget, the thief obliges.
by BossTweed599 November 04, 2010
A stupid person... slang for idiot
Adam: Hey! What's that word? Inget? Like stupid Indian?

Anne: No... it's idget and it applies to anyone... like you. Idget.
by Karmap0lice June 25, 2007
A person who acts like a super dummy, but you always love them anyways. Unfortunately.
Guy: That's real mature.
Girl: YOU'RE REAL MATURE!! ..... but i still love you....
by Pumble-the-baby-penguin March 28, 2011
A bothersome person who might be considered of little consequence but will simply add to a fucked up day... sorta like a didget only less than countable where meaning counts.

The word can be considered a mispronounced form of idiot.
Who the fuck did he think he was...what an idget!
by thee radical eclectic August 29, 2006
It's the combination of an idiot and a midget.-(a midget in this case refers to anyone who is smaller than you)
that kid over there is a serious idget.
by golsta January 21, 2008